Elim Lands

Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria

Elim Lands Testimony 2018

This video shows the activity of our ministry in 2018...

Vojta Ligenza, Coordinator Elim Lands

Elim Lands Testimony 2017

This vide shows the activity of our ministry in 2017...

Vojta Ligenza, Coordinator Elim Lands

Reinforcing the "Battlefronts" in Czech and Nigeria

Watch this video to know how the Lord is opening a way to train new missionaries.

In these days, the Lord is moving upon the hearts of people to enter the gospel harvest field. More and more people engage themselves in active service for their Saviour. We are promised that taking such a step will eventually lead to a stronger connection with Jesus. Our daily walk with him in the midst of the challenges which one experiences when striving to fulfill the gospel commision will eventually strenghten our faith and lead to victory over self and over this world.

Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall. (2. Peter 1:10)

Our ministry is designed to help many to have such an experience.

We are thankful to the Lord that he made it possible to rebuild the Mission House on Kopná, Czech Republic and how he further leads the establishment of our Training School in Nigeria.

My mentor Dr. Jochen Hawlitschek (Retired Health Ministry Director of SDA Euro-Africa Division and my brother Uchenna Obasi (Theology Student at Sola Scriptura Foiskola, Hungary) are both part of this incredible story. I was together with them watching the direction God lead our ministry for the past several years.

Vojta Ligenza, Coordinator Elim Lands

Progress in building ELIM LANDS, NIGERIA

Dear Friends, Due to my expiring tourist visa, I need to return back to Europe next week. The work in Elim Lands has advanced and we praise God for all that has been accomplished in less than 3 months - all just with handful of workers, limited means and without any machinery. Even the saw we use is solely a hand saw and the concreete is mixed with shovel on the ground.

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Project Strating Up

In our blog you may read testimonies and updates from some of our team members. You will be blessed and encouraged to see how God is working with this project.

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